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What you can't see in the pic: all the micro details. This is the advantage of a .svg - scaleable vector graphic - you can make hyperdetails. The printer I use can reproduce them too!

Lessons learned:

1.) Digital art takes LONGER than paint and canvas art.
2.) There are huge advantages like:
---a. I can update/upgrade and refine the art each time, so the customer gets the exact version he wants. i.e. the piece gets BETTER over time!
---b. I can drop ship now - and deliver all over the world.

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Next Show - 24 October 2014!

Hello my friends,
if you are in #Hamburg on 24th of October come to the #Markthalle !
Nina Stuwe is hosting a wild and extravagant dance show - aaaand, we are also showing our art. This showcase is a preview to a bigger art show in 2015 in Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg.
There is no other way to get original signed art at this price!
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PHI - The Golden Ratio

On one of my daily excursions in cyberspace today I stumbled upon another great example of PHI - the golden ratio.

The Golden Calipers 

He goes on to Adriana Lima's mirror image composite: 

I decided to try it myself, with another construct. Since PHI is actually based on geometry, and it's easiest to construct PHI from a pentagram, I made the following:

Applied to Adriana's face it works good enough...

 But the real epiphany comes when you turn it upside down!

I applied it to Sasha Grey's face:
 Hmm, hardly an epiphany:

So are we just shoving triangles and rectangles around on a face, trying to find an association?
That would be an exercise in pure confirmation bias and illusory correlation.
I therefore tested it, I tried many other shapes, from rectangles to circles and triangles of various sizes.
The human mind is an association machine, and after many different shapes and sizes I could not find any profound associations or correlations. PHI, the golden ratio fits the best, with these two faces.
And that's what it's about isn't it?
Our IDEAL of beauty.
We take Adriana Lima and Sasha Grey and transpose some golden ratios on them and - basta! - the definition of beauty.

Well not quite, not for me at least, I still think beauty is better left undefined -- purposfully.

In closing I invoke the drawing god -- Jack Hamm:

 The eyes have it?

The only drawing book you will ever need -- guaranteed!


I am often asked “why do you paint such sick perverted stuff?“
I answer “what the hell do you want me to paint? Fucking daisies?!
You honestly didn’t come here to be bored and look at pretty oil paintings of flowers did you?”

I’m not going to waste my time painting boring stuff that’s already been done a thousand times over. If you want to see pretty stuff that stays in your comfort zone – then you’re definitely in the wrong place here!

I am inspired by Escher, Dali, Giger, Monet, Magrit, Mucha, Frazetta, Klimt, Bougeareau, and many more. I’ve been drawing and painting gas masks , naked women, astronauts, soldiers, death, destruction, blood , weapons, tanks and aircraft since I was five years old (maybe even 3 according to my mother!).
Normal stuff if you ask me.
Let other people do boring, at my shows I do not want my fans to be bored.

Think about it, that canvas is less than 2mm thick.
I put an image on it for you to talk about.
If it was bad , you wouldn’t have anything to talk about.
If it’s good – you talk about the subject – but don’t even notice the technique.

You’re immersed.

Sometimes people think they are finding something out about me, playing psychiatrist and analyzing my paintings.That makes me laugh! I get far more information out of the viewer than they from me!

At one of my shows - at Boutique Bizarre in Hamburg - a woman was appalled at my 3 Nymphs painting (one of my "prettier" and "tamer" paintings). She was looking at it and pointing at it with her finger not 3 inches away from the canvas - her face was contorting! She kept looking and pointing with mouth opened and eyes aghast. I tried talking to her - she was speechless! She kept moving her finger from the naked girls - then to the skeleton lying there on the left, and back to the naked girls. At the same time however she had no problem at all with Claudia in the painting Love & Hate - pushing Lucifer's skull through a broken window pane and blood gushing everywhere!
Needless to say, our conversation was very short.

Psychoanalysis only works under the pretense that the analyser knows WHY you painted it. Sometimes I divide a painting into sectors and then put stuff there intentionally to polarize/irritate the viewer. It’s exactly this response – if the viewer is irritated , and why, and from what criteria – where I gain more insight into the viewer.
Call it a Rohrschock test if you will.

This is the most awesome and interesting part about an art show – the interaction with the viewer.

That’s why I do it – to shock – to have fun – to converse with interesting people – to make my art and hopefully make something timeless - of lasting quality...

Der Fischer

Goethe's "Der Fischer" was about more than just some guy fishing.
In four short sections he explores the mysteries of life and death, the sway of the sun and moon and the interplay between feminine and masculine. I admit it is pretty "vanilla", I would prefer a little more violence and death and destruction...
Der Fischer - Dedicated Page

Annuschka - Symmetry Study

It's really interesting, nay I would actually say fascinating when you take a mirror image of your face and make a new composite image.

I think the "Annuschka LH" composite image is the nicest.

Many many many countless scientists and philosophers have tried to define BEAUTY - and to this day there is NOT one single satisfactory definition.

Albrecht Dürer tried using "Symmetry" as his key indicator for beauty, and in my opinion failed miserably. No, it was not a fail, it was simply a perfect demonstration and recognition of the condition.
So actually his experiment was a success - it just didn't yield the results he wanted.

The challenge of all scientists and researchers - to accept the truth and data as just that and NOT interpret them.

Beauty is impossible to define - it is indeed better left undefined!

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things

Thus, constantly free of desire
One observes its wonders
Constantly filled with desire
One observes its manifestations

These two emerge together but differ in name
The unity is said to be the mystery
Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders

Annuschka Base

Annuschka LH Composite

Annuschka RH Composite

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About Airbrushes

I often hear people in my local hobby shop asking the owner "What kind of airbrush should I get?"
Let me help you here, I will save you a lot of money and time with this one:

GET A CHEAP SINGLE ACTION AIRBRUSH as your first model, always!

I swear by Paasche.
Nooo ... I am not getting paid by them to say this.
This is my personal experience - they are very robust and simply built.
This makes a huge difference when cleaning them - and you will be cleaning them.

Airbrushing breaks down like this:

  • 99% preparation
    • 50% cutting stencils and masks
    • 49% cleaning the airbrush and making things work
  • 1% actual painting with the airbrush

A lot of people are confused as to whether they should get a single action or a double action airbrush.
Just believe me on this one - double action airbrushes are totally superfluous.
Unless you are a hardcore technical illustrator rendering turbine blades on a din-A4 drawing in the highest detail possible - YOU DO NOT NEED A DOUBLE ACTION AIRBRUSH.
Double action airbrushes are a real pain in the ass to clean and unclog - and they will get clogged - guaranteed.
 But the real reason why they are superfluous is because you can seriously do EVERY and I mean every effect that a double action can do with a single action!
For example, when tapering a line you may slowly draw the trigger back on a double action while traversing the page. This is cool and can be done relatively quickly with just a little practice.
Now with a single action, you cannot control the feed, you push the button and everything happens at once. That's OK, to taper a line you just lift the brush as you go , or alternatively you can start the line at the "big" end and get nearer the paper as you end the line. Some people - like me - will argue this is actually easier than using the double action.
 The big advantage is that you can do everything with the single action that you can with a double action for half the cost and half the headaches of clogged needles and aircaps. And this will save you A LOT OF TIME.
  When I started airbrushing I had a double action, then some big single actions. I had about six airbrushes, Iwata, Badger, Paasche, Revelle etc.
I quickly noticed that I was only using one Airbrush for almost everything. The big single action Paasche. It is amazing how much fine detail you can do with a big single action Airbrush! Look at some of my paintings in the galleries, you will see they are not lacking in detail. ALL done with the big Paasche model H.
 You only need a double action when doing the finest detail possible, which is almost never unless you are a technical illustrator. Indeed when you get to the smaller airbrushes, you will find it may be impossible to find a single action that meets your requirements. Then the choice is easy - you gotta buy a double action.

So for your first airbrush always buy a simple single action jobber from Revelle, Badger, Paasche, whoever. You will find it meets 99% of your requirements right off the bat.

The Paasche model H - my favorite workhorse
I have painted everything with one of these; Motorcycles, small models,
 large and small paintings, T-shirts, helmets, bodypainting, you name it...

The only set up you will ever need - seriously
With the addition of a larger bottle for large projects you're good to go


Chrome Themes
Just drag and drop the .crx into your chrome extensions page - basta!

Artes Amorbidae

Hot Commie!

Free Calendars!

I'm finally starting on a project I've been wanting to do for a long time.
Since I'm starting in the middle of this year I will publish only one month at a time.
I'm starting with the classics (don't worry open license).
Next year I'll bring out a full Artes Amorbidae calendar with just my stuff.

A3 - EU

11x17 US


All the photos on this page are free -FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY(no reproduction folks!)- so go ahead and right click and download any thing you want here.
For Hi-Res digital art:
You can contact me at


For more detail/zoom see the picasa webalbum:

Annuschka Base

Annuschka LH Composite

Annuschka RH Composite